Jul 11

A brief storm


A brief storm swept through the neighborhood last week. Here is the tail end above one of our landmarks. Shot with my cell phone, unfortunately.

Nov 10

Diamond District

A man walks along the diamond district.

Every now and then I pretend to be a street photographer. I love the woman in the back right. Someone’s always got to bust you. Humans are watchers. Like the gorillas at the zoo, staring from the other side of the glass.

Oct 10

Night Pizza

Night Pizza A photo I took earlier this month waiting for a slice on my way home.

Jun 10

Ghana Lost

Walking to a job yesterday, I came across this little celebration in front of a storefront in the Bronx. “I guess Ghana won?” I asked. No, someone responded, they hadn’t. (Though, in fairness, they did advance to the next round.) They were still at it when I walked by again an hour later.

Jun 10

Memorial Day Weekend

I took this shot at a wedding on Long Island on Sunday. It’s funny how you can learn to love that mid-day sun after so many years of trying to avoid it.

May 10

Salute to Israel Parade

I was at this parade for The Jewish Star last week and couldn’t help spending most of the time taking pictures of the crowd instead of the participants in the parade.

May 10

First Post

Cedarhurst, NY Mayor Andrew Parise, 86, in his office, yesterday. The mayor is a World War II veteran who fought at the Battle of the Bulge and was among the soldiers who liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp.