Feb 16

Inside the ‘Oculus’


Earlier this month, I was part of a media tour of the centerpiece of the new transportation hub at the World Trade Center. Known as the “Oculus,” it was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava and is meant to resemble a bird in flight from the outside. That may be, but on the inside it felt like being in a giant whale, and I had fun photographing this unique and visually striking structure. Follow this link to a slideshow with more photos in The Wall Street Journal.

Feb 16

Times Square Time Lapse

Here’s a time-lapse video of Times Square that I did for The Wall Street Journal. The story, which can be found here, was on how Broadway professionals maneuver the crazy crowds on their way to work. I walked with Geneva Carr, who was appearing in “Hand to God” at the Booth Theatre, as she made her way to the theater from the subway. Backpedaling through the crowded streets of Times Square to get the photos of Geneva wasn’t easy, but luckily I managed to not trip on anything or take anyone out. And hopefully it made for an amusing scene. Shoutout to Jennifer Weiss at the Journal who did the editing.